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1411 South Main St.

Blacksburg, VA 24060 (Map)


(540) 953 - 3950

Local Offerings


Local Produce: We offer a variety of locally-grown produce from the Green Market in Newport, VA and Tom’s Creek Farm in Blacksburg, VA. Green Market specialties include tomatoes (including delicious winter greenhouse varieties), heirloom apples, cabbage, watermelon, and many other fruits and vegetables. Tom’s Creek Farm specializes in locally raising Asian vegetables including Thai and Finger Hot peppers, bottle gourd, Chinese eggplant, bitter melon, and many other varieties.


Local Eggs: Real farm eggs are a world apart from supermarket eggs with a rich, creamy taste and huge bright-orange yolks. Once you try one you can never go back. Our eggs come from the Green Market in Newport, VA.


Local Milk: Our milk is all-Jersey milk from Duchess Dairy /Huffard Dairy Farm in Rural Retreat, VA. Laboratory comparisons have shown that Jersey milk contains 18% more calcium and 15% more protein than milk from other breeds. Your taste buds will tell you that Jersey milk feels richer, creamier, and more refreshing.

Other local products: We also offer local honey, peanut butter, apple butter, and jams and jellies. We are constantly working with local farms to expand the range of products available to our customers, so check back often.

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Green Market Eggs
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